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13 Jul Employee Spotlight: Marty Healey

2016-07-11 15.08.46

Some companies reward employees with plaques or parties. Flagship Financial decided to go the extra mile and reward one of its employees with a car. A Need Marty Healey is a retired Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force who has worked at Flagship Financial Group...

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14 Feb 10 Books Every Veteran Should Read This Year

Books Veterans Should Read

Some active duty soldiers fill the long, dull hours between actions by reading a good book or even a bad one. For one reason or another maybe you didn't have time for reading. Or perhaps the battlefield library wasn't particularly well stocked. Now that you're...

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25 Nov 10 Things You Should Do Before You Renovate


I don’t know about you, but some people are obsessed with home improvement. Frankly it’s one of the most exciting things about becoming an official homeowner: you can do anything you want with your house....

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