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13 Jul Employee Spotlight: Marty Healey

2016-07-11 15.08.46

Some companies reward employees with plaques or parties. Flagship Financial decided to go the extra mile and reward one of its employees with a car. A Need Marty Healey is a retired Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force who has worked at Flagship Financial Group...

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07 Apr What is the VA Loan Entitlement?

Real estate investment

Loans are not something we average Americans deal with on a day to day basis. Understandably many people have questions on exactly how they work, and it all boils down to the type of loan you’re using. VA loans come with their own unique set of...

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28 Mar Can You Get a VA Loan with Bad Credit?

Bad Credit? written on chalkboard

VA loans aren’t administered by the VA, but the VA does act as a sort of co-signer for the loan. So whatever amount the lender agrees to lend, the VA will guarantee that the borrower is “good for it.” For this reason, the VA requires...

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21 Mar What Is a VA Cash-Out Loan?

Wooden Blocks with the text: Equity

After completing their time in the armed forces, many veterans return home to find that the world hasn't changed all that much for them. They of course have the satisfaction of an honorable stint in uniform, but their hometowns and families have continued to move...

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14 Feb 10 Books Every Veteran Should Read This Year

Books Veterans Should Read

Some active duty soldiers fill the long, dull hours between actions by reading a good book or even a bad one. For one reason or another maybe you didn't have time for reading. Or perhaps the battlefield library wasn't particularly well stocked. Now that you're...

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