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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have that may further assist us in improving our services. Flagship Financial Group takes great pride in being the one of the largest VA Lenders in the country.

Flagship Financial Group
3130 West Maple Loop Drive Suite 200
Lehi, UT  84043
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Toll Free – 1 (866) 825-6261
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Business Hours are Monday to Friday 6:00AM to 7:00PM (MST). Saturday 9:00AM – 3PM. Closed Sunday.

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Why go with us?
Intermediaries between VA borrowers and lenders are abundant. When looking into a VA Mortgage Loan online, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between a reputable lending institution and a marketing company whose objective it is to sell your information to mortgage companies. Applicants often don’t have a good grasp of which, and how many lenders, will be receiving the information they’re submitting. It can also be hard to tell whether the application will end up in the hands of an organization that just recently realized the value of VA programs and applied for approval, or one that has always specialized in government loan programs and worked with thousands of borrowers on their VA Loans.We have funded tens of thousands of government-backed loans for borrowers across the country. When you submit your information to our department, it goes into the hands of one of our experienced VA Loan Professionals. Confidence in the loan process comes from knowing who you’re dealing with, receiving the attention and expertise necessary to get you the best possible loan, and knowing that your loan provider will work quickly, accurately, and in accordance with Federal guidelines to ensure a smooth transaction.

Where to Start…
One of the best ways to get familiar with our Department is to allow us to help you with any questions you have about VA Home Loans and other Government-backed Mortgage Programs. You can reach our department at 1-866-825-6261, or you can Ask Us A Questiononline.We look forward to working with you.