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Privacy Policy

Last Updated June 26, 2014

The purpose of this disclosure notice is to let you know how we at Flagship Financial Group handle and disclose personal information which you provide to us and which we gather in connection with our services to you.

At Flagship Financial Group, we protect personal information that we collect about you at every level of our organization.  We do this by maintaining procedural and technological safeguards that meet or exceed applicable law. We are committed to customer service, and believe that protecting your personal information is an integral part of that service.  As a part of that service, we will provide some of that information to companies affiliated with us and/or parties which provide related services which may be valuable to you; or, if we are unable to find a loan product which works for you, to other financial service providers which may have a loan product which would work for you.  We believe that these types of disclosures may be desirable or acceptable to you.

Federal law gives you the right to limit sharing information about your credit worthiness for affiliates’ everyday business purposes and for affiliates and non-affiliates to market to you. State laws may give you additional rights to limit sharing. If you would prefer that we not make these disclosures, you may elect to opt-out by contacting us via telephone at 866-825-6261 ext. 417.

Where do we get the personal information?  We may receive personal information about you from various sources.  They include:

  • Personal information which you provide and submit to us on your loan application(s), sales documents or other forms, such as your name, address, social security number, assets, income, etc.
  • Personal information which is provided to us in relation to or about transactions with us, our affiliates, or other non-affiliated third parties, relating to such things as payment histories, account balance, account activity, etc.
  • Personal information received from: consumer reporting agencies, such as credit bureau reports; other parties with information which relates to your credit worthiness; and other sources, such as from your employer about your employment status.

When and to whom might we disclose your personal information?

We will disclose personal information about you to third parties as permitted or required by law. Such third parties may include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following: future mortgage servicers, companies that provide services to support your mortgage needs, credit bureaus, government entities, courts and parties with whom you have requested us to share information.

We will also disclose personal information about you to companies which are controlled by, or affiliated by common ownership with, Flagship Financial Group and which may offer alternative mortgage products or services related to your mortgage needs.

We will also disclose personal information about you to non-affiliated third parties, such as to other financial service providers (including banks, consumer finance companies, lenders, insurance companies, etc.) and/or to non-financial companies (which may be engaged in direct marketing or the selling of products and services which may be of interest to you).

In addition, pursuant to the Standard for Safeguarding Customer Information contained in the Federal Trade Commission Rule 16 CFR 314, the safeguard program should include, but not be limited to, the following: (1) designate one or more employees to coordinate the safeguard program; (2) identify and assess risks to consumer data and information systems; (3) implement security measures on user access control, data encryption, software patches update, server security, penetration testing, malicious code prevention, and intrusion detection system; (4) exercise appropriate due diligence in selecting service providers, and ensure service providers have implemented adequate security controls to safeguard customer information; and (5) review and update the safeguard program periodically.