Looking At Mortgage Rates This Week : September 26, 2011

Published on September 26, 2011 by

Fed Funds Rate 2008-2011

Mortgage interest rates last week continued to drop lower. Last week the Federal Reserve announced a launch of $400 billion program to increase longer-term bonds.

Interest rates were very volatile and will be expected to with the upcoming news this week. There is plenty of activity with the financial concerns in Europe.

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If you are in a position to lock an interest rate just know that rates will spike much higher and faster then if they were to drop. Rates rise very quickly and are slow to lower. Regardless of where rates are now know that they are historically low and extremely favorable for the borrower.

If you have any questions about rates this week and the opportunity that may be available to you then call now toll free (866) 825-6261 and get a free, no obligation consultation now.

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